What indicates a water chemistry problem?

16 Dec What indicates a water chemistry problem?

Water chemistry is a rather confusing topic and can be a problem for many pool owners. There are several components that work together to ensure your water quality is safe and comfortable in which to swim.

First, understand there is a difference between balanced water and sanitized water even though they work hand in hand. Water is sanitized when the harmful bacteria are killed. Balancing water refers to proper PH (7.2 to 7.8), alkalinity (80-125 ppmĀ for plaster pools and 125-150 ppm for vinyl liner, fiberglass or painted pools) and calcium hardness (200-275 ppm for plaster pools and 175-225 ppm for vinyl liner, fiberglass or painted pools). Properly maintained water chemistry helps to protect your pool and equipment, allows a safe and comfortable environment and prevents bacteria from joining you for a swim.

Three factors necessary to maintain this environment are proper filtration, circulation and sanitation. When diagnosing a problem with your pool, check these items first to ensure they are not to blame for your difficulties. We will touch briefly on each. [Edited…]

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