We build a variety of pools with liners, concrete or fiberglass. The Family Fun pool has flexible walls lending itself to freeform styles and unusual sizes and shapes. For a more traditional look, we can install a Pinnicle liner pool or a concrete pool. In any case, by adding the right equipment and extras to your pool, we can give it the personl touch your looking for.

Construction Process

Installing a swimming pool takes a lot of work, but the finished product is a work of art. To make it easy for you to visualize the process, we have broken it down into 15 steps. We welcome you to contact us at any time with questions you may have about pool construction and maintenance.

  • Preparing the Site – Before we begin digging, we will mark the area where your new pool or spa will eventually sit. The layout is based on your custom design, and upon your approval, we will begin digging.
  • Excavation – Now it is time to dig. It usually will take about one working day to complete the excavation of your pool and remove the soil from your yard. If you would like to keep any of the soil, please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.
  • Plumbing – The plumbing of your pool may be performed either before or after the shell is formed. This depends on your geographical location. Either way, our skilled plumbers will install modern equipment to clean and purify your pool water.
  • Steel Placement – Steel-reinforcing rods add to the strength and life of your pool shell. They are firmly wired together, and are placed inside the excavated hole, along the bottom, up the sides, into the bond beam, and around the skimmers.
  • Inspections – We perform inspections at varying stages of construction. In addition, local building authorities will also require inspections. We will notify you when an inspection is needed so the proper authorities can be contacted and an inspection can be scheduled.
  • Pool Shell – Next we work on the actual pool shell. In order to achieve a reinforced steel and concrete pool shell of superior strength, a concrete mixture is pneumatically applied under great pressure to bond tightly around the steel reinforcing rods.
  • Curing – To further enhance the strength of your pool shell, at this point you will be asked to spray a fine mist of water from your garden hose on the shell several times a day for about a week. This process is called curing.
  • Coping – The “lip” of your pool is called the coping. Our craftsmen install it around the pool’s perimeter. You have options for your coping, three of which are safety-grip brick, stone or white pre-cast concrete. Not all pools have coping, however, as some pools have cantilevered decks that extend right to the pool’s edge.
  • Tile – We install tile along what will be the waterline of the interior of the pool. You have a lot of tile color and design options to choose from to fit your personal tastes.
  • Electrical – Licensed electricians will connect the pool’s filtration and lighting systems by hooking into your main electric service. This will require an inspection of the final work.
  • Gas Lines – Some pools have gas-fueled heaters. If this is the case with your pool, gas lines will be installed.
  • Decking – You have many options to choose from when selecting the decking for your pool. A few examples are concrete, brick, stone, and grass. Installing the decking is the final stage before the pool shell finish is applied and it’s ready to be filled.
  • Fencing – For safety reasons, most communities require that you provide a fence and latched gate around your new pool. It is important to be sure local requirements are met. Your fencing may have to be completed and inspected by local authorities before we can take the next step.
  • Waterproof Finish – We will cover the surface of your pool with a durable waterproof finish that will seal it. This is the last step in the actual construction of your pool, providing the perfect finishing touch.
  • Pool Startup – It’s time to fill your pool! Once your pool is filled, we will come to your home to help you start up the equipment and will show you exactly how everything works and what chemicals are needed. Make a list of any questions you may have, as this is the perfect time to ask.

Your pool is finished! Jump in and enjoy!

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