What can I do to avoid vinyl liner stains?

16 Dec What can I do to avoid vinyl liner stains?

The life of a vinyl liner can be seriously compromised by improper sanitation and chemistry. Vinyl liner staining can be grouped into three categories: biological, chemical and organic. Here’s a look at the cause of each and how they can be avoided.

Biological Staining

Biological staining is caused by microorganisms (more commonly known as algae, mold or mildew) coming from behind the liner.

Below the waterline, improper maintenance of pool sanitation chemicals – such as allowing the sanitizer level to drop too low for an extended period of time – can result in colonies of these microorganisms attaching to the face side of the vinyl.

There are many species of microorganisms that may cause staining in various colors. Some are very common and easy to control, while others – such as the one known as “black algae” – are almost impossible to eliminate. [Edited…]

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